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Harry has painted a target on his back with comments about killing 25 Taliban, ex-Army colonel says

Prince Harry has been criticised by military veterans and MPs after he revealed in his memoirs that he killed 25 Taliban fighters in Afghanistan.

Former British Army Colonel Richard Kemp yesterday said the Duke of Sussex’s decision to spill details in his autobiography Spare amount to a ‘betrayal of the people he fought alongside’.

He said: ‘It undermines his personal security. He has shot himself in the foot… it will probably incite those who want to take revenge and try and do so.’

Mr Kemp’s stark warning came as former Royal Marine Ben McBean, who Harry hailed as a ‘hero’ after he lost an arm and a leg in a bomb blast during the war, urged the duke to ‘shut up’.

Meanwhile Colonel Bob Stewart – a Tory MP who commanded British troops in Bosnia – slammed the comments as ‘distasteful’.   

Mr McBean tweeted today: ‘Love you #PrinceHarry but you need to shut up! Makes you wonder the people he’s hanging around with. If it was good people somebody by now would have told him to stop.’

Meanwhile, the MP for Beckhenham told MailOnline of Harry’s comments: ‘I wonder why he is doing such things. Real soldiers tend to shy away… People I know don’t boast about such things. They rather regret that they have had to do it.’ 

Colonel Stewart, who was awarded the Distinguished Service Order after seven tours of Northern Ireland and leading UN forces in Bosnia, went on: ‘It is also rather sad that a man who has had all these advantages in life seems so intent on destroying himself and the monarchy.

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