Woman opens fire on police in Murmansk

A resident of Murmansk staged a shootout with police officers. Baza telegram channel writes about this.

According to the publication, the incident occurred on the night of January 6. On the Kolsky Prospekt of the city, a police patrol saw a woman walking down the street, holding a gun in her hands. Law enforcement officers demanded that the woman drop her weapon. However, something quite different happened.

An armed Russian woman opened fire on patrolmen. They had no choice but to shoot back. As a result, the woman was injured.

The condition of the attacker, as well as the reasons for her behavior, has not yet been reported.

Earlier, MK talked about a brutal crime that occurred on New Year’s Eve in Samarkand. A local resident stabbed his wife with scissors, and then strangled his five-month-old son. Having dealt with his relatives, the Samarkand man committed suicide.

Source” Content adapted from theguardian



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