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Former heads of the US State Department and the Pentagon spoke about the fate of the new regions of Russia

Former heads of the State Department and the Pentagon Rice and Gates said that Russia will not give up new regions

Former US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and former head of the Pentagon Robert Gates spoke about the fate of the new regions of Russia. Their opinion they expressed in an article for The Washington Post.

Politicians are confident that the Russian side will not cede to Ukraine the territories annexed during a special military operation. They said that if Russian President Vladimir Putin fails to achieve military success this year, then he must retain control of positions in eastern and southern Ukraine, since in the future they will “become springboards for a renewed offensive to establish control over the rest of the Ukrainian coast.” the Black Sea, the entire Donbass, and then move west.” At the same time, they recalled that eight years had passed since the annexation of Crimea to Russia until the start of the special operation.

Count on Putin to be patient to get his way

Condoleezza Rice and Robert GatesFormer US Secretary of State and former Pentagon chief

The United States pointed to the dependence of the military potential of Ukraine on Western supplies

In the same article, Condoleezza Rice and Robert Gates spoke about the adversity in Ukraine. They pointed to the fact that the country’s military potential and economy are currently completely dependent on Western aid, primarily the United States. For this reason, politicians have declared the need for NATO countries to transfer weapons to Ukraine.

Now decisions are needed from the United States and its allies to provide Ukrainians with additional military equipment, primarily mobile armored vehicles.

Condoleezza Rice and Robert GatesFormer US Secretary of State and former Pentagon chief

In the event that Ukrainian forces do not achieve a breakthrough at the front, the West will increase pressure on Kyiv to negotiate with Moscow “against the backdrop of continuing months of military stalemate,” Rice and Gates are convinced.

Earlier, CNN journalist Nick Peyton Walsh admitted that NATO could force Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to make peace with Russia over arms supplies. In his opinion, the countries of the North Atlantic Alliance may “lose patience because of the supply of weapons and start looking for economic expediency at the expense of long-term security, insisting on a peace unfavorable for Kyiv.”

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The media named three reasons for Russia’s advantage over NATO in Ukraine

Earlier, Al Mayadeen columnist Hassan Nafaa said that the analysis of the conflict in Ukraine points to three factors that speak of Russia’s advantage over NATO. The first point he called Moscow’s resistance to Western sanctions.

The analyst considered the combat effectiveness of the Russian army to be the second factor. According to him, “Russia has not used all its military power,” although the entire West supports Ukraine with all available means. In addition, Nafaa noted that disagreements began to appear in the NATO states, which could even lead to the collapse of the alliance against the backdrop of ongoing military confrontation and energy shortages. At the same time, he said, Russia has strategic alliances to rely on.

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Prior to this, National Review columnist Michael Brendan Dougherty predicted the collapse of NATO after Zelensky’s speech in the US Congress. “The conflict in Ukraine not only failed to strengthen the alliance, but also exposed divisions within NATO and changed our understanding of the organization,” he said.

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