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Lauren Boebert is accused of telling Marjorie Taylor Greene to 'Get the f**k out of my face'

US. Rep. Lauren Boebert was accused of telling fellow congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene to ‘Get the f**k out of my face’ during the House Speaker vote. 

Amid a series of contentious voting sessions that saw Kevin McCarthy fail 14 times to become Speaker of the House before succeeding, the GOP congresswomen were caught confronting each other when Boebert was one of the holdout votes.

Boebert is seen giving only a prompt response before staring straight ahead, with viewers suggesting that she had cursed out her fellow member of the Freedom Caucus. 

It was just one of Friday night’s heated moments in the final day of voting, which was followed by Rep. Mike Rogers of Alabama charging at Rep. Matt Gaetz, who McCarthry pleaded with to stop delaying his certification.  

The confrontation with Boebert was not the only time Greene butted heads with her fellow representatives during Friday night’s voting. 

Greene also reportedly went up to Arizona Rep. Matt Rosendale and told him that Donald Trump was on the phone. A shot of Greene waving her phone showed she was on call with someone labeled ‘DT.’

Rosendale, one of the earlier holdouts, could be seen brushing her off. 

According to Politico, a person familiar with the exchange said Trump told the group to ‘knock it off.’

Source” Content adapted from dailymail

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