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Burglar crime-ridden Chicago targets CASHLESS pizzeria after ignoring sign saying venue takes cards

A Chicago pizzeria was broken into by a thief in search of a stash of cash despite the joint stating clearly in a sign that the entire restaurant is cashless. 

Surveillance cameras captured the entire incident as George’s Deep Dish was smashed into as the burglar broke in through the front door and ransacked the restaurant looking for money.

The owner, George Bumbaris, said that the display had sentimental value and was never meant to be spent with the frame containing ‘lucky bills’.   

The money consisted of banknotes that had signed by family and friends, including the very first $20 the pizza joint ever made.

‘It was only sentimental to me. I was never going to spend that money,’ Bumbaris told CBS News. ‘I was more distraught than anything,’ he added.

Bumbaris opened the restaurant during the pandemic and adopted a cards-only model due to recent crimes in the area. 

‘It’s the last call you wanna get in the middle of the night,’ he said. ‘I wish they had read the [cashless] sign before coming in.’ Bumbaris noted.

Replacing the smashed door cost the entire weekend’s takings.  

Source” Content adapted from dailymail

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