Four times married lover of women killed mother and sister: motive for crime named

The biography of the owner of the apartment, who committed suicide after a double murder, became known

New details of the family drama in the south-west of Moscow, where three people died this afternoon, have come to light. The 41-year-old man shot and killed his 38-year-old sister and 65-year-old mother, after which he set fire to the apartment and committed suicide. Perhaps it was the housing issue that caused the tragedy.

As it became known to MK, the main suspect, the owner of the apartment, Alexander, divorced relatively recently. However, his divorce did not surprise anyone: this marriage was the fourth in the biography of a man. The main claim of his companions was the Muscovite’s excessive love of love. He repeatedly registered on various dating sites under different nicknames. Possessing a fairly attractive appearance, a lover of casual relationships easily made acquaintances. True, reviews about him were not always favorable. There was also this one (spelling preserved): “a freeloader plays with money but never gives a divorce for …. It’s a waste of time not to communicate.” Of course, sooner or later, the adventures of Alexander were exposed by his wives, which became the reason for numerous divorces. The young man usually presented himself to his spouses as an IT guy, but, in fact, he did not earn anything, but lived on the income received from the sale of his parent’s apartment. The man’s father was the head of the train and died a few years ago under unclear circumstances, his mother taught classes in the puppet theater at one of the schools (before that, she had lived in Greece for several years).

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It is still difficult to say about the motives for the double murder. One of the versions is that Alexandra’s sister, who also recently broke up with her husband, could begin to insist on providing her with a separate living space. Perhaps this was the cause of the conflict. By the way, Alexander was categorically against the rapprochement of his sister and mother with their wives, apparently fearing that they would act as a united front.

As Yulia Ivanova, senior assistant to the head of the Main Investigative Committee of the ICR in Moscow, said, a post-mortem psychological and psychiatric examination will be assigned to the man.

Read the details: “The identity of the owner of the apartment, where three corpses were found after the fire, has been established”

There was a video from a burned-out apartment in the south-west of Moscow, where they found three corpses

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