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Mel Gibson Had To Be Removed As Grand Marshal Of A Mardi Gras Parade After Someone Mistakenly Thought That Was A Good Idea

It’s hard to believe in 2023 but Mel Gibson used to be one of the biggest movie stars in the world. He screwed that up but good, and despite numerous comeback attempts — he was even nominated for a Best Director Oscar only seven years ago — he’s more or less consigned to the margins of an industry over which he once ruled. The guy can’t even get a gig as Grand Marshal of a parade — or he did, but the inevitable backlash was such that he had to step down.

As per 4WWL out of New Orleans, the controversial actor and filmmaker was set to lord over the Krewe of Endymion parade at this year’s Mardi Gars. It’s always been one of the more mainstream of the celebration’s parades, attracting big, big names; the 2019 iteration nabbed Flo-Rida and Lionel Richie. Why they chose an infamous figure whose past includes anti-Semitic and racist statements is anyone’s guess. But less than 24 hours after announcing Mad Mel would be Grand Marshal he was out.

In a statement, Krewe of Endymion organizers said they received “significant feedback” to the news, which included “threats that cause us great concern.”

The nature of the threats were not made public, but some wondered if it wouldn’t have just been people pelting the Oscar-winner with whatever’s on hand for hours.

Despite his career problems, Gibson is allegedly busy. It’s been reported that he’s mere “months” from shooting his belated sequel to one of his biggest money-makers, The Passion of the Christ, which became one of the biggest hits of 2004. He’s also allegedly directing a fifth Lethal Weapon, according to himself.

(Via 4WWL)

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