The star of the series “Euphoria” compared the experience of the attitude towards porn workers and waitresses

Euphoria star Chloe Cherry spoke about the benefits of working in the porn industry over working in a restaurant. Cherry has worked in both areas. And, according to her, during the filming of films for adults, she was shown much more respect as a porn actress than while working in a restaurant, writes Metro.

The actress called the experience as a waitress “damn traumatic” – she had to face the harassment of the boss, who “looked like a real sex maniac.”

And at the same time. As she noted, there are no sex offenders among porn actors. Cherry said that on the set of adult films, there was no such thing as some random man touching her. And in the restaurant – was.

“I felt much more respected than in a restaurant,” Cherry compared the treatment of female workers in the two industries.

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