Russian mercenary group claim body of missing Brit in Ukraine has been found

Christopher Perry, 28, and Andrew Bagshaw, 48, were last seen on Friday.

They were heading to the town of Soledar in the eastern Donetsk region of the country, where heavy fighting is reported, and contact with them was lost.

Pictures appearing to show the passports of the two missing British aid workers have now been posted by the pro-Putin Wagner private army.

This fighting unit – mostly prisoners recruited in jails – was behind Russia taking control of former resort town Soledar and its salt mines. 

In addition, Wagner posted a volunteer certificate for Parry in their Telegram account.

The group did not specify whose body was allegedly found. 

A spokesperson for the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office told Sky News: ‘We are supporting the families of two British men who have gone missing in Ukraine.

‘We are aware of recent reports and are in touch with the Ukrainian authorities.’

Earlier this week, the families of Christopher and Andrew spoke of their pride at the work of the two aid workers.

Christine Parry, Christopher’s mother, told MailOnline: ‘It’s all very raw at the moment.

‘We are just trying to inform family members about what is going on.’

Source of data and images: metro

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