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Mum added £75k to the value of her three-bedroom home by spending just £3k on low cost DIY

Hayley Somerton’s incredible self-taught hacks have added a staggering £75,000 to the value of her property.

Hayley, who live in the Norfolk home with her husband, Lee, 37, and their children, Amelie, 10, Arlo, seven, and Amos, three, said: ‘This is my first home, as we always rented before, so I was excited to finally be able to decorate according to my own style and taste.

‘I wanted to do something to the house that reflected my personality. I decided to transform it from the plain white boring new build to a house that defined us.’

Administrator Hayley Somerton, 37, moved into her three-bedroom house in Kings Lynn in 2020.

They paid £225,000 for the property, and Hayley, a lover of fashion and interiors, was determined to make her mark, using patterns – and lots of bright paint.

Aside from the help of her supportive husband, she used no outside assistance or labourers.

‘I am lucky to have a husband who trusts my design instinct,’ said Hayley.

‘He gave all my suggestions a go, even though the checkerboard print paint in the bathroom took him a long time.

‘The stairs, which now have a beautiful pink paint, are because of his precision and ability.’

‘My husband found painting scallops the hardest but they looked easy to me.

‘Even though I love letting my creative instincts flow, my husband did a good amount of the physical work – he believes that I’m too slap dash!’

Source of data and images: metro

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