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Tesla slashes price of its electric cars by up to £9,100 with immediate effect

Tesla has announced it has slashed the price of its electric cars in the UK with immediate effect, sparking outrage among existing customers – especially some of the 16,000 drivers who took delivery of vehicles at the higher price just last month.

The auto maker confirmed on Friday that it has cut the price of both the Model 3 and Model Y as of today across Europe and the US. In the UK, prices have been lowered by as much as £9,100, with the company citing ‘normalisation of some of the cost of inflation’.

One reader told This is Money: ‘After being pushed to take delivery in December I am furious about the fact the exact same model and spec I took delivery of on 23 December is now £7,000 cheaper.

‘This has made me lose all faith in the company after having multiple issues with the car since delivery also.

‘How will they make it right to me and many other customers?’

Craig Wright wrote to us to say he had picked up a new Model Y on 31 December and that same car today is going for £4,000 less. 

He said: ‘As a small business owner, making a big capital investment was a tough choice. Thus I am underwhelmed at the move, especially as the car at the price I paid was offered with a ‘limited time discount’ of £3,000 which was seemingly misleading by design.

‘This is my first Tesla and EV, so far so good, with the exception that the stated range is 283 miles, but the maximum I’m getting is 260.

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