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Ukraine LIVE: Gas pipeline explodes near Russian border as villagers flee huge inferno

A gas pipeline near to the Russian border in northern Lithuania has exploded sparking a massive inferno.

The pipeline blast near Pasvalys has sparked an evacuation of nearby residents as flames tower into the sky, reaching over 165 feet. The company operating the pipeline Amber Grid has launched an investigation into the cause of the leak. Meanwhile, footage from the scene shows cars crammed onto the roads around the nearby village of Valakelie as people flee the roaring fire. The ruptured pipe has reportedly now been plugged with gas no longer passing through but firefighting crews are still battling to put on the flames. Nemunas Biknius, CEO of Amber Grid, said: “We regret this incident in the gas pipeline system. “We immediately started to investigate the circumstances of the incident and ensure gas supply to consumers. “At the moment, all our efforts and those of the responsible services are focused on containing the consequences of the fire and ensuring safety. “We have immediately informed Government representatives, the Energy Distribution Operator (ESO), and Pasvalys city authorities about the situation.”We will provide more details on the circumstances of the incident as we have more details.”

Source of data and images: daily-express

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