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Aussie mum unleashes at brutal bullies targeting her son for being in a wheelchair

A heartbroken mother called out cruel internet ‘trolls’ who made fun of her son’s haircut and wheelchair after he appeared in an Officeworks ad.

The mother sent a message to Australian journalist and podcaster Jacqueline Felgate after seeing the horrid response to her son Cooper’s ad, shared by Officeworks on Facebook earlier this month.

‘I had to laugh when someone wrote he probably wasn’t really a wheelchair user.

‘He is just a kid doing what he loves and just happens to be a wheelchair user.’

The devastated mum then went on to explain the challenges Cooper has faced and said his teenage friends are more understanding than some adults.

‘The 15 operations he lives with doesn’t stop him from achieving great things,’ she said.

‘His friends see him for who he is, a hilariously funny and super sporty kid who is fantastic to be around.

‘Meanwhile, we have adults taking a dig at him.’ 

Source of data and images: dailymail

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