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Brave four-year-old went to hospital with suspected flu – but was diagnosed with leukaemia

The four-year-old had a temperature, a cough, and was having difficulty eating just days after Christmas.

But when her parents took her to hospital, they were devastated to learn that their daughter was in fact battling a rare form of leukemia.

Mum, Kirsten, from Manchester, explained: ‘Kyra had a high temperature that we had tried to get on top off with medicine.

‘We had a normal Christmas and New Year and a big family party. Everything was fine. We didn’t realise how serious it was and just thought it was a chest infection or flu.’

But a couple of days later, Kyra’s condition seemed to get worse.

‘A couple of days after, she started saying she didn’t feel very well, but there were so many bugs going around over winter, and she was still eating.

‘But on January 2 she just took a strong dive and got very upset, saying her legs and back were hurting. We couldn’t get on top of her temperature and knew something wasn’t quite right, so agreed to take her to hospital.’

Her dad, Josiah, took Kyra to hospital to be checked over by a doctor where she was initially assessed.

But soon, the little girl was being treated by specialists after her oxygen saturation levels plummeted.

Pregnant Kirsten, who was desperately trying to organise childcare for her other five children, raced to the hospital and arrived as doctors were cannulating the youngster and taking blood tests.

‘We just wanted them to do whatever they could,’ explains Kirsten. ‘They had been taking blood samples and doing lots of tests to find out what the infection was and what was wrong with her.’

Source of data and images: metro

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