"Casio" She responds to Shakira .. and other brands enter the line

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The Colombian singer Shakira ignited a war of responses, not only between her and her former partner, the Spanish soccer player Gerard Pique, but also between her and many brands, which she mentioned in her song “Fiery”, which she recently released, to make fun of her relationship with Pique, during the years. past.

And while the lyrics of the song, presented by Shakira in Spanish, included brands such as: Ferrari, Renault, Rolex and Casio, which came in a sentence, saying: “I traded Ferrari for a car.” [رينو] Twingo, I traded in a Rolex for a Casio.” However, these brands were not the only ones entering the war.

Although Casio did not issue an official statement in this regard, she wrote a tweet on her Twitter account in its Spanish version, in which she said: “Today we have received quite a few notices that refer to Casio in a song, that Casio watches, keyboards and calculators It lasts a lifetime”, which was understood as a clear mockery of the relationship between Pique and Shakira, which could not last for a long time, contrary to what the company makes.

The account also added, in another tweet, that their customers are loyal to them, and do not abandon them even though they are not “Rolex”, referring to Pique’s abandonment of Shakira, as well as describing their watch batteries as lasting longer.

Renault, the car brand responsible for the Twingo, didn’t get into the bickering line much, instead tweeting in Spanish that the Twingo was “for guys and girls.”

Other companies took advantage of the debate between the two parties, in order to market their products, as the company “Hyundai” published a tweet in Spanish for one of its cars, in which it wrote: “For a car that participates in the rally only, sorry if I sprayed you,” which is similar to one of Shakira’s sentences in the song.

Likewise, the official account of Toyota, in its Spanish version, published a tweet, in which it confirmed that with “Toyota Relax” there is a 10-year warranty, and asked its followers and car lovers about whether they could trust anyone other than themselves, asking them to think carefully, as it is No one would leave them quieter than them, in reference to how long Shakira and Pique have been linked and the boisterous way they left each other.

The former soccer player, Gerard Pique, did not hesitate to respond to that song. Rather, he appeared in a live broadcast of a program affiliated with the “League of Kings”, he wore during a wristwatch from “Casio”, and he said sarcastically that it is a watch that lasts a lifetime, indicating that the company I sent them new watches, confirming that a sponsorship agreement had been reached between the tournament and Casio.

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