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Serial-killer obsessed woman 'stabbed lover to death as he slept then giggled as she called friend'

A serial killer-obsessed mother ‘giggled’ after she brutally stabbed her lover to death before video-calling a friend to show her the body, a court heard today.

Shaye Groves, 27, who had framed portraits of notorious killers including Ted Bundy and Jeffrey Dahmer on her bedroom wall, allegedly told a friend: ‘I’ve done him’ after launching an attack on sleeping boyfriend Frankie Fitzgerald.

Groves, who denies murder, is alleged to have stabbed her boyfriend 22 times in a ‘crime of passion’ on July 17 last year before creating a ‘false alibi’ using true crime documentaries as her inspiration.

Groves and Mr Fitzgerald had rekindled an old relationship after meeting at a pub in Cosham, Hampshire, in January last year.

The court heard how Groves grew ‘obsessed’ with Mr Fitzgerald’s ‘performance in the bedroom’, with the couple’s sex life involving bondage, dominance, submission and masochism. 

Jurors heard today at Winchester Crown Court that after the killing, Groves video-called friend Vikki Baitup who was horrified to see his body with ‘an enormous’ knife wound. 

Groves had allegedly sent Ms Baitup a message in the early hours of July 17 where she hoped to create a ‘false alibi’ by stating Fitzgerald had left her home. 

Ms Baitup told police how she received a phone call from a ‘giggling’ Groves who held a ‘very normal conversation’ where they discussed their weekend.

Source of data and images: dailymail

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