Paranoid Putin is scared of Ukraine and has installed defence systems in Moscow

It comes after Kyiv launched drone attacks on two Russian air bases in Engels and Ryazan, deep within the country’s borders.

Moscow’s defensive deployments are believed to be new, and highlight Putin’s fears of an attack on the capital city.

Ballistics have been placed in residential areas, with one S-400 system reportedly in fields belonging to the Timiryazev Agricultural Academy in the north-west of the city, and another at Losiny island in Sokolniki, in the north-east.

‘Various outlets have published information about the deployment of S-400 divisions,’ independent Russian outlet SOTA reported on Telegram.

On December 5, Ukraine struck the Engels-2 base in the Saratov region with repurposed long-range Soviet era drones, killing three people, according to Kremlin sources.

Russia had used the base for air strikes on Ukraine throughout winter, massacring civilians and crippling the country’s infrastructure.

The base is around 450 miles away from the nearest point in Ukraine, and at least two Tu-95 Bear strategic nuclear bombers were damaged in the first strike.

Ukraine also hit an airbase in Ryazan over 470 miles from the border on December 5, sparking warnings in Russia that Moscow was at risk.

Last week, Russian artillery hit an apartment block in Dnipro, killing at least 23 civilians and left a further 72 people, including multiple children, seriously injured.

More than 70 flats were destroyed and over 230 were partially damaged, leaving hundreds homeless in the middle of winter.

Despite the constant acts of terror on their population, the Ukrainian government have no desire to inflict similar atrocities on Russia, sources say.

Source of data and images: metro

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