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Canada McDonald's that sparked 900 police call over fights – including one with a RACCOON – to close

The infamous McDonald’s based in Ottawa, Canada, which saw more than 900 fights in recent years, will shut down after nearly 40 years of service. 

Peter Crosthwaite, who owns the building on Rideau Street, told CTV that the franchise owner decided not renew the lease, with the restaurant set to shut down in April. 

Constant fights and unruly guests triggered more than 800 calls to police in 2018 alone, leading the McDonald’s to drop its 24-hour schedule, but Ottawa police reported that they still received more than 150 calls last year. 

The video that brought infamy to the Rideau Street McDonald’s, which opened in 1985, starts with a group of men brawling inside the restaurant, surrounded by other customers.   

The men trade vicious blows with each other, and as more join the fight, one man could be seen pulling out a raccoon, appearing to brandish the animal as weapon before taking a step back from the chaos. 

The man could be seen holding the raccoon as he shoves two others who were fighting besides him.  

When the brawlers leave the restaurant, many spectators could be seen celebrating the fight they witnessed. 

The brawl, however, was not an isolated event as a video from 2018 shows a group of three men beating each other with ‘Wet Floor’ signs during a 1 am fight. 

Source of data and images: dailymail

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