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How to stay warm while working from home

For the most part, remote workers will look upon office-dwelling counterparts with sympathy, maybe even pity. 

But, with winter officially here and the UK seeing plummeting temperatures as the cold snap sinks in, office workers might actually have the upper hand, particularly when it comes to saving on energy costs.

While many of us will be sitting at our desks, wrapped up in a jumper, a blanket and two pairs of socks, office workers will be sitting comfortably in the knowledge they aren’t paying a penny of their workplace’s central heating bill.

If you’re worried about the price of heating your home during working hours this year, hold tight – we have some advice.

There are a number of products you can buy as well as free changes you can make to your home office to keep the heat in.

Richard O’Connor, an interiors expert at First Mats shared with six tips for keeping warm while working from home. 

First things first, you want to do everything you can to get yourself warm without spending excess money.

This means keeping the doors and windows closed to retain heat.

‘If your home office is a box room, it’s tempting to make it feel less claustrophobic by keeping the door open,’ says Richard. 

‘However, by closing doors and windows, you can keep the heat in the room and stay warmer for longer.’. 

Another free solution is making sure your feet are nice and toasty. 

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