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New speed cameras on a 20mph road lead to 16,000 tickets in seven months in Devon

Speed cameras on a 20mph road have caught out 16,000 drivers in less than a year.

The devices were installed on Old Laira Road in Plymouth, Devon, but have been branded a ‘cash cow’ for the city council.

The cameras detected more than 23,500 speeding motorists in a test period prior to activation – in the first 24 hours of which, 1,100 were snapped going over the limit.

A Freedom of Information Request sent to Devon and Cornwall Police by Plymouth Live showed that the three cameras have issued total of 16,198 tickets to drivers for exceeding the new 20mph limit.

The data was recorded over a seven-month period, from when the cameras were first made live on May 9 to December 30.

One camera was responsible for 14,359 tickets, another 1,171, and a third 668.

Mr Gibbins, who does not live in that part of the city and has not been caught out by them, said: ‘I was shocked that over 16,000 people had been caught.’

He wrote in a petition: ‘We have seen no evidence to suggest serious accidents along that stretch of road, suggesting this is nothing but a money-making exercise.

Source of data and images: dailymail

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