Ferrari patent reveals its supercars will growl when it goes electric

Even when they switch to battery power, Ferrari supercars would continue to make a booming sound if a patent filed by the Italian firm is used in its electric vehicles of the future.

The Maranello-based car maker’s plans have been exposed by design drawings filed with the US Patent and Trademark Office, which were first spotted by CarBuzz.

Ferrari has teased that it will release its first fully electric car as early as 2025, and by the end of the decade it foresees 40 per cent of its vehicle sales being entirely battery powered. 

For many enthusiasts and supercar collectors, the transition away from the thunderous symphony of the company’s V8 and V12 powerplants will be a sad moment indeed.

However, Ferraris of the future could still create a stirring soundtrack, if the Italian firm is to go ahead with these patent plans.

The drawings show that the brand will not try to replicate the engine noises we’ve come to know and love but enhance the genuine tone created by its battery-powered drivetrains.

CarBuzz says the system filed would extrapolate the hum generated by the electric motors and other components, record this and then amplify the notes via a ‘sound reproduction device’ – or external speaker – mounted on the rear axle so it pumps out like it would an exhaust on a combustion engine car.

It means the sound an electric Ferrari makes when passing people in the street will directly correlate with the speed of which the drivetrain is operating and how vigorously the owner is stamping on the throttle.

Source of data and images: dailymail

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