This is the ‘smartphone’ Core-Z5, from Crosscall

The Core-Z5 is the device crosscall with greater power, since it integrates the Qualcomm QCM6490 processor compatible with networks (5G, WiFi 6/6E). It is the first 5G ‘smartphone’ of the French brand, and has a 5-year warranty. One of its outstanding differentials is that it offers an interface similar to that of a computer by connecting it directly to a monitor. It is compatible with band 68 (700 MHz) which, in most EU countries, belongs to state agencies and is dedicated to public safety.

the battery of 4,950mAh provides up to 44 hours of conversation and benefits from fast charging, and can be used as an external battery to charge another person’s mobile and even other devices, such as headphones or a flashlight, using the dual USB-C cable included in the packaging .

Processor and features

With this device, Crosscall has added its most powerful mobile to its portfolio. The Qualcomm QCM6490 processor provides optimum performance and provides the benefits of the “Extended Life” program to which it is a part: operating system updates are guaranteed, as are security updates, for several years.

It has the AER (Android Enterprise Recommended) certification, that is, it meets the security and update requirements of this certification, in addition to simplifying the deployment and management of mobile fleets in companies. It also meets the military standard MIL-STD-810H, which includes repeated mechanical stress tests in exceptional weather conditions (-25° and +60°), as well as drops from 2 meters onto hard surfaces and resistance to various liquids (cold water, drain oil, corrosive products, etc.).

The battery, combined with energy efficient components, provides up to 44 hours of conversation. It integrates fast charging, it takes 42 minutes to charge it to 50%, and also reverse charging. The model has a 5-year warranty and a 9.1/10 repairability rating.

added values

It has a good number of functions designed for professionals, even in the most demanding environments. Ergonomics have been specially studied and its 6.08″ HD screen, with a 19:9 ratio, combines reading comfort with a good grip. It is adapted for viewing maps or plans in 3D, filling in forms or entering medical check-ups, even with gloves thanks to Glove Touch technology. 48 megapixel cameras with Fusion4 technology and 4K camera provide optimum quality shots even in low light.

It integrates an innovative feature: a solution that replaces the computer with the ‘smartphone’, improving mobility and productivity. It is the first device on the market that offers an interface similar to that of a computer (several windows, start bar, etc.), connecting it to a screen or monitor. In this way, the CORE-Z5 transforms into a computer and it becomes the work tool that centralizes the data (e-mail, apps, chats, forms, etc.).

It is compatible with applications push-to-talk and is equipped with four programmable side buttons, so it becomes a 2.0 walkie-talkie that allows you to communicate and share content that was previously inaccessible by radio (photos, videos, geolocation…), simultaneously with several people, without distance limit. To guarantee optimal communication even in noisy environments, it has been equipped with a 2W and 100dB speaker, three times more powerful than the average. The GPS is precise, reaching an accuracy of 3 meters, compared to 10 meters for most smartphones on the market.

It supports the use of PMR (private mobile radio) on 4G and 5G broadband, a feature particularly requested by many companies. Allows access to private or public networks, guaranteeing the security of the data exchanged. In this way, professionals can communicate without loss of connectivity between various remote sites to perform critical interventions that require close collaboration. Covers numerous private network bands: n28, n38, n40, n77, n78 in 5G, and bands 28, 38, 40 and 68 in the 4G network.

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It is compatible with band 68 (700 MHz) which, in most European Union countries, belongs to state agencies and is dedicated to public safety.


The CORE-Z5 is available through the usual sales channels at a recommended price of 799.90 euros.

Source of data and images: elperiodico

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