How to know if you have intruders on your Wi-Fi?

If you Internet starts running slower than usual for no apparent reason it may be yes there is and they are stealing your wifi. Although this is not the only possible cause of the webs taking time to load, it is better to know as soon as possible because of the security issues that it can entail.

The first effect noticed by the user whose wifi has been hacked is a bandwidth reduction if the intruder makes intensive use of the network. But there are greater risks, such as commit illegalities using your internet -watching child pornography, accessing terrorist groups or insulting and harassing anonymous or famous people, to give just three examples- that can get you into trouble with the police.


The easiest way to know who is connected to our network is through different programs, known as ‘sniffers’ or network scanners, installed on our own devices. From the mobile, tablet or computer with which we usually connect to the internet at home, we can obtain a list of all the devices that are using the same network at that moment.

One of the most recommended by users is fing, available for both Android and iPhone. But there are many other applications for tablets or mobiles and for computers, Who is on my Wifi either Wireless Network Watcher are two of the most used.

They all work in a similar way: by analyzing the Wi-Fi network in question to find out how many devices are connected at the same time.

Flashing light

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One way to know if someone is using our Wi-Fi is to disconnect all our devices and see if the light on the router continues to blink. If it does, it’s clear that someone is using our network.

It is also possible to know if someone has used the Wi-Fi in our absence. To do this, you must access the router’s website, which is done as follows:

  1. you put the router address (usually, either in the web browser. Thus, a website is accessed in which we are asked for the username and password of the router.

  2. Consult the history of devices that have been connected. There appears a list with IP and MAC addresses of the devices. Knowing ours, you can check what others have connected without your knowledge.

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