Gavi’s “unbridled” passion

Y Xavi, careful as he is recently in the press room after the skid in the ‘Alves case’, he turned as if he were Gavi on the pitch, hours before the cup duel against Real Sociedad at the Camp Nou. The Barça coach is tired of looking for problems with the aggressiveness that the young Andalusian radiates, who behaves like a veteran in every game he plays.

At the age of 18, he works as an old footballer, capable as he is of deciding classics such as the final of the Spanish Super Cup, where he was chosen as the best of the game in Riyadh, to which the focus is now broadened due to that contagious spirit that makes him transform each ball in a matter of sporting life and death.

“When he goes with the national team, Gavi is wonderful, but when he’s at Barça he crosses the line and we don’t like that. If we win on top of that, imagine… Even less”

Xavi, coach of Barça

There are no red tape for Gavi. He understands football as if he were still in the streets of Los Palacios, the Andalusian town that gave birth to the Barça prodigy. A prodigy that is looked at in two ways. Gavi is judged differently. It depends, according to Xavi, on the color of the shirt he is wearing.

“When he goes with the selection, Gavi He’s wonderful, but when he’s at Barça he goes too far and he doesn’t like that. If we win on top of that, imagine… Less still”, denounced the coach, who made an impassioned defense of the midfielder, to whom the role of false left winger suited him wonderfully in the Riyadh classic.

without setting limits

To him and, of course, to Barça. “Otherwise it would be an example of grit and courage,” said the Barça coach, who does not set limits for the Andalusian to express his suburban football and that aggressiveness essential gives Barça extra lives every time he steps on a field. He doesn’t limit you. Nor does it restrict him. Encourages you to be more Gavi today than yesterday and less than tomorrow. “That he put the same passion or even more”, encouraged Xavi.

“That he is calm, that he continues the same and does not stop because he is a player who has no roof,” certified the coach, who raised the Gavista flag with the same “passion and courage” and even more so when he is placed in the center of the stage , equating it to casemiro, a player who had an arbitration and media bull when he was wearing the Madrid jacket. Bula who has disappeared when he went to Old Trafford this summer to be the support of United of have hag.

“It seems silly to me to assess whether Gavi is more or less abrupt. Is this theory from the creators of ‘Villarato’? Or those of doping?”

Xavi, coach of Barça

“It seems silly to me to assess whether Gavi is more or less abrupt,” said Xavi angrily, aware of where these interested comparisons with the Brazilian midfielder come from. “Is this theory from the creators of ‘Villarato’?” asked the technician, knowing the answer. “Or those of doping?” He added, then looking clearly towards the media power of Madrid, which fixes his gaze on Gavi, the third player who commits the most fouls (41), according to the data from the League itself, only surpassed by Vinicius the defensive midfielder of Espanyol (43), and lick itthe Argentine midfielder for Sevilla (47).

But the Andalusian has no bull. In the 51 days that the Catalan has played in these first two seasons in the elite, he has seen 12 yellow cards and one red. casemiro he was sent off twice in the 222 league games he played in a decade with Madrid, seeing 61 yellow cards.

Gavi, with 41 fouls in the League, is the one who commits the most offenses at Barça followed by Lewandowski (19) and Busquets (15). Vinicius, with 29, leads this section in Madrid

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But Xavi He knows that it is essential to have that version full of heart of Gavi, who has made more fouls than the other three Barça midfielders combined: Busquets (15), De Jong (12) and Pedri (6) total 33 offenses. As much as they accuse him of breaking the regulations, the Barça coach disagrees. “I think that Gavi is fouled a lot and whistled a little. I see it the other way around.”

Gavi is the first in that ranking at Barça, followed by Lewandowski (19). Y Vinicius leads the table of Madrid players who commit the most fouls (29), followed by Tchouameni (16).

Source of data and images: elperiodico

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