Emilia Clarke’s eyebrows are ironic

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It has become clear that the English star, Emilia Clarke, has expressions that amaze her fans, not only in acting, but also in her daily life, as she was described as having “the most serious eyebrows in Hollywood”, after appearing in a recent interview.

In the details, the 36-year-old actress showed some very funny gestures during her press chat with Variety magazine about the 2023 Sundance Film Festival.

Immediately after Emilia appeared in this interview, the users of the “Twitter” platform shared a number of funny jokes about the matter, lovingly mocking the expressive movements that the “Game of Thrones” star made during the meeting, including the strange movements of her eyebrows, as one of the tweeters joked with her by saying that it is difficult for her to Emilia controlled her eyebrows, and some even drew a face emoji, which has the same shape as her eyebrows.

Away from her eyebrows, Clarke confirmed that she did not watch the series “The House of the Dragon”, which came as an attempt to benefit from the popularity of the series “Game of Thrones”, justifying the reason that it is like going to a school party, but then discovers that it is for another class, indicating that it is not her world. So you avoid watching it.

As for the Sundance Festival, in which the presence formula is adopted for the first time since the start of the Corona pandemic three years ago, I found Clarke through the movie “The Pod Generation”, which was shown on the first day of the festival.

On this, Emilia Clarke said, “This is her first participation in Sundance,” noting that she is happy that everyone is as excited as she is to see it in such an event that brings together a number of independent film directors and Hollywood stars in the American mountains of Utah, where the festival is held at a station located At an altitude of 2000 meters, it will continue until January 29.

The film is a romantic comedy that combines science fiction, written and directed by Sophie Barth, and revolves around “Rachel” and “Alfie”, a New York couple, who live in a near future where technology provides a more comfortable and advanced life, and at that time “Rachel” gets excited. , to become a mother through artificial wombs, while her husband refuses to do so, and prefers a natural pregnancy.

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