This is the best short work ever "Netflix".. We advise you to watch it

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Excess work and preoccupations prevent many from doing things they love and enjoy, and they used to do during long stages in their previous lives, before the concerns of life took them away from them.
You may be a fan of drama and series, but your time is wasted between work and home responsibilities, and you do not find room to follow a drama that lasts for 30 episodes or more, and may extend to several parts. And whenever you want to entertain yourself and watch one of these works, you come back with the opposite decision as soon as you realize that it consists of many episodes, and that you do not have the luxury of time to watch them all.

So what is the solution?
The ideal solution here is to follow what is known as limited series, which consist of simple episodes and have no parts, and the “Netflix” digital platform has provided many of these works that have gained great international fame, especially since you can watch and finish them at the weekend, and among the most prominent of these works the following:

Deep breaths:

One of the girls struggles with all the harsh conditions of nature, with one goal being to survive, after the plane she was traveling in crashes, and she is the only survivor among the passengers, and fate throws her into the Canadian wilderness, which is devoid of all manifestations of human life. The series, which was produced by “Netflix”, is shown in 6 episodes, the duration of one episode does not exceed 40 minutes, and it stars: Melissa Barrera, Jeff Welbish, and Austin Stowell.

The Innocent:

A Spanish series consisting of 8 episodes, produced by “Netflix” in 2021, and its events take place in a framework full of suspense and mystery, after a young man commits an unintentional murder, changing his life forever, and after he finds love and starts his life over again, a phone call brings him back to a nightmare. scary. His and his wife’s past begins to haunt them, revealing unexpected secrets. The series stars: Mario Casas, Alexandra Jimenez, Aura Garrido, Jose Coronado, and others.

Yakamoz S245 Submarine:

This Turkish series is one of the most successful works that were shown on the Netflix platform during the year 2022, and it was presented in seven episodes, and its story revolves around survivors of a natural disaster, after every person who reaches the sun dies, and a group is forced to hide in the depths of the sea during the day, and go out at night in search of Salvation and life. The series stars the famous actor Kivanc Tatlitug, as well as Ozge Ozberincci, Ertan Saban, and Ecci Cesme Oglu.


This work tops the popular platform views these days, and is very popular, and it is a fantasy series that tells the story of Shahamaran, the mythical creature. The events of the series begin when a woman named “Shahsu” goes to give lectures in Adana, Turkey, and finds herself living amidst the legend of Shahmaran. The series is starring: Serenay Sarikaya, Burak Deniz, Wirt Ramadan Demir, and Mustafa Oglu.

The Unknown Watcher:

This series was classified as a strange drama, as a family in their country house receives unknown threats, at a time when they suffer from the presence of strange neighbors, and the series was shown in only seven episodes.
The series stars: Naomi Watts, Bobby Cannavale, and Jennifer Coolidge.

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