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Two Britons who went missing while volunteering in Ukraine are killed in evacuation

Two Britons were killed while attempting a ‘humanitarian evacuation’ in Ukraine, their families said today.

Andrew Bagshaw, 48, and Christopher Parry, 28, went missing earlier this month while heading to the eastern town of Soledar, where heavy fighting was reported. 

The statement said: ‘It is with great sadness we have to announce that our beloved Chrissy has been killed along with his colleague Andrew Bagshaw whilst attempting a humanitarian evacuation from Soledar, eastern Ukraine.

‘His selfless determination in helping the old, young and disadvantaged there has made us and his larger family extremely proud. We never imagined we would be saying goodbye to Chris when he had such a full life ahead of him. 

‘He was a caring son, fantastic brother, a best friend to so many and a loving partner to Olga. Chris was a confident, outward-looking and adventurous young man who was loyal to everyone he knew. 

‘He lived and worked away as a software engineer but Cornwall was always his home. He loved rock climbing, cycling, running and skydiving and wanted to travel the world.

‘He found himself drawn to Ukraine in March in its darkest hour at the start of the Russian invasion and helped those most in need, saving over 400 lives plus many abandoned animals.

‘It is impossible to put into words how much he will be missed but he will forever be in our hearts.

Source of data and images: dailymail

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