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Scotland has more female transgender prisoners in women's prisons than the whole of the UK

The number of female transgender prisoners placed in women’s prisons in Scotland has surpassed England and Wales after rapist Isla Bryson was convicted yesterday, MailOnline believes.

The former DJ, 31, has joined transgender paedophile Katie Dolatowski at Cornton Vale women’s jail in Stirlingshire after being found guilty of two rapes at Glasgow High Court.

Of the 11 trans women, six were held in men’s prisons and five were held in women’s prisons. If the figures remain the same today, Bryson and Dolatowski would take that to seven trans women in women’s prisons – more than the six in England and Wales cited in a recent Ministry of Justice report. 

Of the five trans men in Scottish jails, who were born female, one was held in a men’s prison and four were held in women’s prisons last year. 

Bryson, who was Adam Graham when carrying out the violent sex attacks in 2016 and 2019, began transitioning after being charged by police. New figures emerged today revealing eight other male and female trans criminals in Scotland did the same after being convicted or remanded in custody.

Recent analysis by the Policy Exchange think-tank has warned that ‘it is not inconceivable that a man with no trans identity would make a strategic decision to change legal sex in order to move prisons’ simply because they wanted to ‘get out of the harsh, and often dangerous, context of a male prison’.

Clydebank rapist Bryson is in the segregation unit at Cornton Vale for up to a month before being sentenced.

In 2019 transgender prisoner Paris Green, who was ordered to serve a minimum of 18 years in prison for murder, began her sentence at Cornton Vale but was moved after reports about having sex with female prisoners in the cells.

Source of data and images: dailymail

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