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Boy, 7, killed after being attacked by a pack of four dogs as mom suffers injuries 

A seven-year-old boy was mauled to death by a pack of dogs, including two Rottweilers, that left his mother severely injured. 

Kellan Islas and his mother Emily Islas, 39, were attacked by four dogs just before 6pm on Saturday outside the Wolfchild residence on the Fort Hall Reservation in Idaho. They were not tribal members. 

The dogs – two Rottweilers and two mixed breeds – belonged to neighbors Benjamin Dominick Wolfchild and Juliana Wolfchild, who were not home at the time of the attack, according to Sho-Ban News, a weekly newspaper for the Shoshone-Bannock Tribes. 

Emily and her son live in an RV behind the Wolfchild residence where she had let Kellan outside to play around 5.50pm. When he did not return a few minutes later, she found him laying face down on the Woldchild residence porch while the dogs attacked him, according to Sho-Ban News.  

Emily was left ‘severely injured’ after she tried, but failed, to fight off the dogs. She laid on top of her son to protect him, but by the time the attack was done, the child’s injuries had rendered him unconscious. 

Both were taken to Portneuf Medical Center. 

‘I know Emily, and I know she did everything in her power to protect Kellan from that attack. She is an amazing woman and mother and sacrificed herself to try and save her little boy,’ the mother’s friend Samantha Lenay wrote on GoFundMe

‘Emily was rushed to emergency surgery and is still in the ICU trying to recover from the damage that the dogs did to her.’

Source of data and images: dailymail

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