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British-Iraqi kickboxing star Riyadh Al-Azzawi admits failing to insure his gold-wrapped Mercedes

British-Iraqi kickboxing star Riyadh Al-Azzawi has admitted failing to insure his gold-wrapped Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon – but stayed in Dubai instead of showing up to court. 

Al-Azzawi, 36, known as ‘the golden champion’, was the first ever Arab to win the world kickboxing title in 2008 – and now wears gold clothes, gold jewelry and owns two gold-wrapped cars. 

His flashy lifestyle involves splitting his time between London and Dubai – where he stayed ‘living it up’ rather than attending Lavender Hill Magistrates’ Court. 

Al-Azzawi was instead represented by his lawyer Alex Mincoff, according to The Sun

Mr Mincoff, defending, said: ‘He genuinely did believe he did have valid insurance’ on his car but it eventually turned out that this belief was ‘incorrect’ 

Al-Azzawi has owned the golden G7 Brabus model – worth around £150,000 – since 2017. 

The kickboxer also regularly posts pictures of his gold vinyl wrapped £200,000 Ferrari spider to his four million Instagram followers. 

He wrote on Instagram: ‘Gold is the taste of success and hard work.’

Source of data and images: dailymail

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