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Lidia Thorpe screams 'this is WAR' at Australia Day protest

Dramatic scenes have erupted at Invasion Day rallies across the country, with Greens senator and Indigenous rights campaigner Lidia Thorpe declaring ‘this is war’ to a packed crowd. 

Protesters have taken to the streets in marches organised in every state and territory on Thursday as many are choosing not to mark the national holiday and are protesting January 26 as Australia’s national day of celebration.

Ms Thorpe, who is an Indigenous woman and the star of Melbourne’s treaty movement, declared war, in the latest example of overheated rhetoric.

‘(It was) a war that was declared on our people more than 200 years ago,” Senator Thorpe said in an extraordinary speech, in which she said black women were still being raped by “them”.

Loud shouts of “shame” met Ms Thorpe’s consecutive declarations, given with red-painted hands symbolising violence and in which she held a “war stick”.

The rally in Sydney was countered by pro-Australia Day demonstrators – wielding ‘I Support Australia Day’ signs – who were quickly moved on from Invasion Day protesters. 

Police also intervened and asked the group to disperse and said they would be issued with a direction, if they didn’t obey the request. 

Speakers in Sydney made calls for Indigenous sovereignty and criticised the referendum for an Indigenous Voice to Parliament.

Source of data and images: dailymail

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