Aseel Hamim and Abdulaziz Louis reveal the secret of their meeting "sugar"

Cairo: Hany Kamal El Din

After a period of suspense from the audience for their first collaboration, the artists Abdulaziz Louis and Aseel Hamim released their joint song “Sugar”, which is considered the first work that brings together the two stars of youth singing.
The song is the title of Louis’s lyrical album, which began releasing his songs in a “single” manner, on his official page on the “YouTube” platform. It was written by Ali Bougaith, composed by Abdulaziz Louis, and arranged by Al Matrouk.

The story of the song, which was presented through “animation” graphics, carried the idea of ​​focusing on the fact that a person’s beauty begins from within, and that he should see himself as beautiful and beloved, in order to reflect beauty, goodness and love on those around him.
The lyrics of the song say: “The official sponsor.. for my body to shiver/everything that says my name…my eyes blink in the hearts/of the most beautiful people…to his special beauty/caused him a crisis and became…all desirable.”

Abdulaziz Lewis said that he is continuing to present this type of songs, which express his vision and musical thought, through which he reached the audience. And he added, “I chose Aseel to share this work with me, because she excelled in all the lyrical colors that I previously presented, and the audience will listen to it in a new and different way, and the song has a striking harmony and harmony between us.”
In turn, Aseel Hamim expressed her admiration for the idea of ​​​​the song and the way it was presented to the audience, music and animation, and said: “I am happy to cooperate with Abdulaziz Louis, who is an ambitious and dedicated artist in his artistic work, and I will not hesitate to cooperate with him in the future.”

In another context, Aseel Hamim continues to reap her artistic successes. After she welcomed the new year with a public party that was gathered by the artist Hussein Al Jasmi in Khorfakkan, she participated last week in the third edition of the “Joy Awards” ceremony, within the activities of the “Riyadh Season”.
Aseel is preparing to return again next week to the Saudi capital, Riyadh, to participate in the “Sound of the Earth Night” ceremony in honor of the late artist Talal Maddah, which is held by the General Authority for Entertainment, with the participation of 42 Arab artists.

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