Tamer Hosni accuses Miley Cyrus of imitating him

Cairo: Hany Kamal El Din

“So that you know that the Arabs are rigid.” With these words, the Egyptian star Tamer Hosni began his post, which he shared via the “Story” feature on his “Instagram” account, in which he funnyly accused the international star Miley Cyrus of stealing the idea of ​​his song “Haddalani,” saying that it “It was stolen” which means it was stolen. And the Egyptian star confirmed, in his post, that Miley Cyrus is his beloved, and she has the right to what no one else has, so he has no problem with this matter.

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And the owner of the song “Hadalani” was not satisfied with that post only, but rather re-posted a clip from Cyrus’ song, which bears the name “Flowers”, to explain the similarity between the two songs, as while Tamer says in one of the clips of his song: “Before I go home, I will surprise me and get me a gift.” Miley says, “I could buy myself flowers and write my name in the sand.”

And this is not the only similarity between the two songs, as the two songs are identical in many syllables, which indicate a person’s interest in himself without the need for others, so that if he needs someone to hear him or applaud him, he will do it himself.

Miley also indicated that she could dance with herself, hold her hand, and talk to herself for hours, which Hosni referred to in his song, as he will dance and sing with himself, and speak and listen to himself.

Miley Cyrus had released her song about two weeks ago, as she dedicated it to attacking her ex-husband, Australian actor Liam Hemsworth, whom she separated in January 2020, after a two-year marriage.

And what confirmed that Miley was attacking Liam, that the international star released the song in which she returns to sing after a hiatus that lasted nearly three years, on the date of her ex-husband’s birth, and that the words speak of great love that ended in separation.

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The song “Flowers” has achieved great success since its release, recording nearly eight million views every day, reaching 110 million views 13 days after its launch.

This song comes as one of the songs from her upcoming album “Endless Summer Vacation”, which she had previously announced that she would release it in full on March 10th.

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