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Bond girl Eva Green begins High Court legal battle with Hollywood producers over £4m sci-fi film

Hollywood star Eva Green today claimed a bitter High Court war over a doomed £4 million sci-fi film is ‘designed to blacken her name’ as her texts revealed she called herself ‘Cruella’ but considered one of its producers a ‘f***ing moron’ and its financial backers ‘a***holes’.

The Casino Royale actress, 42, had been due to appear in A Patriot before production was shut down in October 2019.

Ms Green, who was both an actress and executive producer on the project, has claimed she is entitled to be paid her fee in the event that the production was cancelled under a so-called ‘pay or play’ provision.

She is asking the court to rule that she is entitled to the money and that White Lantern should also pay her legal costs.

In an opening statement, Green’s legal team led by Edmund Cullen KC, said the case ‘seems to be designed to blacken the name of an actor who has not breached a contract or missed a day’s shooting in a career spanning 20 years.

He said the executive producers Jake Seal and Terry Bird ‘have sought to lay every failure of the production at Eva Green’s door’ in ‘an attempt to reconstruct a false factual narrative’.

White Lantern Films is defending the case and bringing a counter claim against Ms Green, alleging she repeatedly made ‘unreasonable demands’ and undermined the film’s production.

They have also claimed Ms Green repeatedly said she was ready and willing to take part in the film when she had no intention to do so.

Source of data and images: dailymail

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