The first pictures of Ozgan Deniz’s wedding in Dubai.. A wonderful look for the bride

Cairo: Hany Kamal El Din

After the news confirmed the marriage of the Turkish star Ozgan Deniz, and his sweetheart, the Iranian fashion designer, Samar Dadker, in secret at his house in the Zakariakoy area, during the past weekend, in the presence of a small number of friends and relatives of the bride and groom, the couple announced their wedding to the public through a group of romantic photos.

The past few hours witnessed the participation of Ozjan Deniz, pictures of him and his bride, through his account on “Instagram”, some of which were through the “Story” feature, and he attached it to one of his songs, the beginning of which he says: “My life that I chose … my day, my tomorrow, my pupils … my only love.”

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For her part, the young fashion designer also published a set of dramatic photos of the two of them, some of them in black and white, and attached one of them to a comment in which she said: “Every love story is beautiful, but ours is my favorite,” while commenting on the other photo in which she revealed her wonderful wedding dress: “I chose you, and I will choose you over and over again without stopping.. Without a doubt, I am in your heartbeat.. I will continue to choose you, and I will choose you in a hundred lifetimes in hundreds of worlds in any version of reality.”

The bride chose a white satin dress without a sleeve, distinguished by its long tail, and the love heart cut from the chest area, with white sneakers as well, while she left her hair as it is with a short veil.
As for the groom, he chose a beige suit with a white shirt and sneakers matching the bride’s shoes, and he did not wear any tie, preferring to leave the collar of his shirt open, with a white rose in the suit jacket pocket.

According to many of the photos shared by the couple, their wedding photo session took place in a hotel in Dubai, where the couple is currently spending their honeymoon there, which was confirmed by Samar in one of her posts via the “Story” feature on her Instagram account.
It is noteworthy that Turkish media indicated that the wedding of the “Bride of Istanbul” star and his sweetheart, who is 23 years younger than him, took place in the presence of his older brother Erkan Deniz, while his mother, Qadriya, was absent from the ceremony, as she had confirmed months ago her refusal to marry her son to Samar, and did not agree to the continuation of the ceremony. This relationship, or take it seriously.

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