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Top 10 reasons people start looking for new jobs revealed

But how long does it take for that feeling of rejuvenation and excitement to wear off in your role?

According to new research by recruitment specialist Michael Page, of the 5,000 employed adults surveyed, it takes just 18 months on average before people start to ponder a new job.

But why is this? What negative feelings begin to surface within those two years that mean we feel like we just have to move on?

The most compelling reasons employees began to look for new jobs all revolve around the idea of feeling valued in their workplace.

The number one reason was not ‘being valued for my contribution’ and the second most popular reason was the feeling of ‘being underpaid’.

After all, no one wants to go the extra mile for an employer that doesn’t reward their efforts.

Working conditions are another major factor when it came to people deciding to job hunt, with many claiming it was because ‘working conditions had started to deteriorate’, ‘the work was too stressful’ or they were ‘working too many hours’.

Ambition comes into play, too.

Some of the main points included feeling like they had hit a ceiling with how far they could progress (21%) and that ‘the work was no longer challenging’.

An additional 19% were disgruntled about their current circumstances because they hadn’t received a pay rise within the last 12 months.

Whatever the reason it’s clear these feelings have a real impact, because of the people who start to question their current position and go on to find new roles, only 3% regret doing so.

Source of data and images: metro

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