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Belarusian dissident fighters in Ukraine who risk ‘sadistic torture’ by Lukashenko regime

EXCLUSIVE: An undisclosed number of Belarusian fighters are helping Ukraine to victory against Russia, and have their sights set on toppling the Alexander Lukashenko regime next.

In 2021, Mirik — his military call sign — gave up his job, his life, his friends, and his family to make the gruelling overland journey from Belarus to eastern Ukraine. Once there, he signed up to fight for the Ukrainian Armed Forces in an isolated but fierce war that had been raging for seven years. He was 21 years old. He did not envisage that in two years’ time, he would be fighting as part of a much larger regiment specifically set up for Belarusians like himself who wanted to stop a common enemy — Russia — in a full-scale war. “It is so much harder now,” he told from a wooded area somewhere in eastern Ukraine. “Every fight could be your last one. But we won’t give up.”

Source of data and images: daily-express

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