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Carol Vorderman reignites her vicious feud with bra baroness Michelle Mone

Carol Vorderman today reignited her vicious feud with Michelle Mone as she claimed ‘I dropped her like a stone as soon as I realised what kind of person she was’ before staring into the camera and saying ‘sue me, Michelle’. 

The TV star used to be friends with the embattled bra baroness, with the pair regularly having ‘great fun’ on nights out together before Baroness Mone, 51, married billionaire businessman Doug Barrowman. 

‘I cannot talk about useless PPE without also talking about Michelle Mone who was brought into the House of Lords, as a baroness, by David Cameron,’ the former Countdown host told This Morning. 

‘We know she has taken leave of absence without losing the Tory whip to start with because she was actively involved, as it goes, with a company called PPE Medpro.’ 

She then mentioned her former friendship with Baroness Mone, before adding: ‘Now Michelle Mone, I knew, many years ago and then dropped her like a stone as soon as I realised what kind of person she was.’

She then turned to look at the camera directly and held both hands up as she said: ‘Sue me, Michelle.’

At this point, This Morning host Alison Hammond interrupted Vorderman to say: ‘Carol, can I just say she’s not here to defend herself.’

But she continued: ‘No she’s not here to defend herself but I’m repeating what has been said in the press and what has proven to be true.’

Source of data and images: dailymail

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