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From canned cocktails to celebrity distillers: The pick of drinks to end Dry January (and a few to keep it going)

From our digestive system to our sleep, experts speaking to Metro previously explained that if you stay dry or cut back, ‘you’ll reap benefits like improved sleep, increased vitality, better mental health and focus as well as a healthier gut.’

In saying this, perhaps a sober month has opened your eyes to making more meaningful drink choices from now on, so, in the spirit (pardon the pun) we’ve gathered a list of new companies mixing things up (pardon the pun) in the drinks and spirits market for your February and beyond.

From smaller-batch brewers and local distilleries to pre-mixed bottled cocktails – and cocktails in a can – you can try without breaking the budget with a night at the bar, there is an option for many who are looking to try a new tipple.

Plus, for anyone who enjoyed Dry Jan and is keen to keep things more on the damp side, or ditch alcohol altogether, the non-alcoholic options keep on getting better each year.

Above all, remember, drink responsibly.

In need of a coffee liqueur to fill the void the discontinuation of Cafe Patron has left?

Mr Black is a cold brew coffee liqueur made in Australia (and we all know how seriously they take their coffee there).

It’s suggested you serve this tipple neat or on the rocks, while, for the entertainers amongst us, it is also ace for making an Espresso Martini at home – just add coffee, hard shake over ice and pour.

FYI it’s currently got a welcome deal for new faces, with a 200ml bottle setting you back £10 with promo code MRBLACK10.

Last year Mezcal was a spirit on the rise in the UK’s cocktail bars, and two celebrities have capitalised on this with the brand Dos Hombres.

Yes, Breaking Bad stars Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul came together to create a unique blend of the finest Espadin agave, hand-selected from the hillsides of a small village in Oaxaca, with the name coming from the Spanish dos (two) and hombres (men).

Source of data and images: metro

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