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Putin plotting ‘pre-emptive strike’ on Ukraine as satellite pics show build up of troops

Russian forces have been “scouting” the defence capabilities of Ukrainian soldiers in the Zaporizhzhya region ahead of a planned offensive in eastern Ukraine, according to officials.

Russia is planning a “pre-emptive strike” in Ukraine, according to satellite photos that show Putin’s forces building up fortifications, with the eastern region of Luhansk expected to be the site of heavy fighting in the upcoming months. Oleksiy Danilov, secretary of Ukraine’s national security and defence council, said Russia is “preparing for maximum activation” of its forces to secure “some achievements” in time for the anniversary of the war on February 24. It comes as Kremlin insiders told a US outlet that Putin believes Russia’s willingness to accept casualties will allow them to keep fighting until they are victorious.

Source of data and images: daily-express

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