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Moscow accuses Ukraine of killing 14 in 'deliberate' strike on hospital in Russian-held territory

Moscow has accused the Ukrainian military of killing 14 people in a ‘deliberate’ strike on a hospital in Russian-held territory today.

Russia’s Defence Ministry claims Kyiv launched a ‘deliberate missile strike’ on a ‘known functioning civilian medical facility’ using US-made HIMARS rockets.

Moscow branded the attack a ‘serious war crime’ and vowed to hold all involved accountable. Ukraine has not immediately responded to the allegations. 

The strike comes as it was revealed that Russian President Vladimir Putin is planning a ‘new pre-emptive strike’ in Ukraine ahead of the first anniversary of their invasion on February 24 last year.

‘A deliberate missile strike against a known functioning civilian medical facility is without doubt a serious war crime by the Kyiv regime,’ Russia’s defence ministry said today. 

‘All those involved in the planning and execution of this crime will be found and held accountable.’ 

Civilian and military medics had been working in the hospital in Novoaidar for many months, treating local people and soldiers, it said.

Novoaidar is located in Luhansk province, which is almost entirely under the control of Russian forces or Russian-backed separatists.

Source of data and images: dailymail

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