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I’m a mum and doctors accused me of cheating on my partner after a hospital blunder – I was furious

DOCTORS wrongly suspected a new mum of being a love-cheat because of a blood test bungle.

Carrie Zivkovic, 26, was phoned by the hospital after she and partner Louis, 27, welcomed son Rey in October.

Doug Seeburg

Doctors wrongly suspected new mum Carrie Zivkovic of being a love-cheat because of a blood test bungle – pictured here with partner Louis, son Rey and daughter Alesha[/caption]

John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford had taken blood when he was born because they were concerned he might be anaemic.

Carrie, of Wootton, Oxon, said: “The doctor asked me to be in a separate room to Louis, which I thought was unusual.

“She said, ‘I wanted to check you haven’t been sleeping with someone else because results suggest Louis potentially isn’t the dad’.

“They basically accused me of cheating.

“I explained that I hadn’t but it was a shock and I wasn’t happy with how they did it.”

Doctors explained dad and son’s blood samples did not match like they should.

Carrie, also a mum to Alesha, five, insisted they re-ran the tests.

They showed an error caused by IT worker Louis having an uncommon gene type.

Final results proved he was Rey’s dad.

Oxford University Hospitals apologised.

Carrie added: “They said it was the first case like that they’d seen.”

Source of data and images: thesun

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