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Harry and Meghan supported by Nelson Mandela's granddaughter as she slams Daily Telegraph story

An Australian newspaper has been blasted by Nelson Mandela’s eldest granddaughter after she was quoted accusing Prince Harry and Meghan Markle of ‘profiteering’ from her family’s legacy to promote their Netflix documentary.

Ndileka Mandela made headlines earlier this month when Sydney’s Daily Telegraph reported she had slammed the royal couple for having ‘stolen’ her grandfather’s name for their own personal gain.

But Ms Mandela since angrily claimed the tabloid and Ms Gusmaroli twisted her words and exploited her granddad’s name to launch an attack on the royal couple.

In an opinion piece for London newspaper The Independent on Sunday, Ms Mandela blasted the newspaper for ‘weaponising my name’. 

She said her grandfather’s reputation had been used to attack a woman of colour.

She insisted she had never accused Harry and Meghan of ‘profiteering’ from her grandfather’s name and was ‘shocked’ by the claims.

‘(Meghan and Harry’s) critics … falsely exploited my grandfather’s name to attack them.

‘The words wrongly attributed to me, criticising them for quoting my grandfather, are not mine at all – they belong not to me, but to those who have amplified these falsehoods all over the world.

Source of data and images: dailymail

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