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Top health concerns of the nation REVEALED… so can you guess what the top 10 are?

The nation’s top health concerns have been revealed — and Covid is still number one, almost three years on since the pandemic began.

Millions of people turn to the NHS’s website every year to get medical advice for conditions ranging from vomiting to tonsillitis.

Data showed that, after Covid, the three ailments which concerned Brits most are long Covid, high blood pressure and chickenpox. 

The Covid web page was the most viewed by a huge margin, with 16.3million views.

Long Covid came in second with 4.3m views, followed by high blood pressure (3.8m) and chickenpox (3.7m). 

Completing the top 10 most-searched conditions were ADHD (3.5m), fever in children (3.4m), scarlet fever (3m), diarrhoea and vomiting (2.9m), tonsillitis (2.8m) and rashes in babies and children (2.7m).

NHS Digital, which manages the NHS website, said visits to the chickenpox page more than doubled in 2022 with 3.7m views compared with 1.7m in 2021. 

The provider also said there were three million visits to its scarlet fever information in 2022.

Source of data and images: dailymail

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