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Families living on eroding Yorkshire coast are forced to abandon their homes and move further inland

Families living on the edge of crumbling cliffs are being forced to abandon their homes and even move into in wooden shacks further inland.

Experts predict that £600million worth of property will crumble into the sea by the end of the century, and homeowners along the Holderness Coast will be among the first casualties.

They are also being charged double council tax – paying a charge on their old home, even after it has been reduced to a shell, until it is demolished.

Victims of the coastal erosion say they receive nothing for the home being demolished – and only a pittance in compensation for any white goods that they cannot take with them.

Residents on the notoriously unstable Holderness Coast are eligible for a council scheme called ‘Rollback’ to relocate their properties further inland from the eroding coastline.

But those who have applied for Rollback around the erosion hotspot village of Tunstall say the process has so many pitfalls it can turn into a planning battle that lasts years.

The value of damages to homes over the next 20 years was estimated at £584million using prices from property website Rightmove, according to the research by climate action group One Home. 

Derek Dunn, 62, experienced the problems first hand when the three-bedroom brick bungalow he and has late wife had occupied for 15 years disappeared into the sea three years ago.

Source of data and images: dailymail

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