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Indie band fired from NHL gig claim it was over lyrics ridiculing Jeff Bezos as a 'total jerk'

An indie band claimed they were fired from a National Hockey League gig after they sang lyrics calling Jeff Bezos a ‘total jerk.’ 

Seattle-based group Who Is She? was scheduled to play as the house band on January 25, 27, and 28 at the Climate Pledge Arena during the Seattle Kraken games, which Amazon CEO Andy Jassy is a minority owner of. 

In the modified lyrics, the indie group sang: ‘Oh, no Jeffrey Bezos / He’s such a total jerk / Shut down all the bookstores / Billionaires do not work.’ 

‘Since it’s a cover song, our intent was to come up with a good couple lines to replace the 1999 Le Tigre lyrics to make it more specific to Seattle,’ they told the Seattle Times

‘Replacing Rudy Giuliani’s name with Jeff Bezos made sense to us and his arena seemed like a great place to say it. We thought it was funny and well-received. We doubt an actual billionaire — or anyone who is paid or sponsored by said billionaire – feels that four women playing a cover song that contained a tame joke is capable of doing any damage whatsoever.’ 

The band even ‘cut out the few curse words’ despite not being asked to and change other lyrics to make it relate to the hockey game. They even invited their friends and parents to Saturday night’s games, only for them to not being invited back to the Saturday and Sunday games. 

They claimed they were fired for the dig for the lyric change. However, the team reportedly implied the band was drunk. 

‘The Seattle Kraken welcomes a variety of artists to play at our games and we do not believe in censoring those artists, as is reflected by the variety of acts who perform at Climate Pledge Arena,’ the team said in a statement. 

Source of data and images: dailymail

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