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Experts predict 'explosion' of deep fakes with 90% of online content being AI generated by 2025

A ‘deep fake’ expert predicts 90 per cent of online content will be generated or created using artificial intelligence by 2025. 

Content creators are now more widely using AI to scrape a single image of an actor that is then mapped onto a target’s face, animated and used as a ‘deep fake’.

Her comments came as viewers described ITVX’s landmark comedy ‘Deep Fake Neighbour Wars’ with a line up of A-listers including Idris Elba, Adele and Harry Kane as ‘worrying’ and ‘creepy’.  

Speaking on Radio 4 Today about the future of AI in Hollywood and beyond, Ms Schick said: ‘I make a prediction that I think that 90 per cent of online content is going to be generated or created by AI by 2025.

‘We are going to see an explosion of content created or generated by AI.

‘Today we’re talking about special effects in Hollywood but we are about to be inundated by all kinds of AI content, so being able to understand where did this content come from, is it trustworthy, is it AI generated, is existential as a political question going forward.’

Ms Schick spoke of AI as ‘limitless’ as she appeared on the radio programme this morning, saying we are entering a new era of content creation that’s powered by artificial intelligence. 

‘Everything you’ve seen with regards to special effects in movies before which would have been intensely laborious, intensely expensive to create, AI is going to democratise that, it’s going to make it better, faster and cheaper. 

Source of data and images: dailymail

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