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Francesca Packer's boyfriend Robert Bates chased by investors over wellness company

A Young Rich Lister who is dating billionaire James Packer’s niece is being chased by wealthy investors who poured millions into his is troubled wellness business – but are now demanding their money back.

Robert Bates, best known as Francesca Packer’s boyfriend, is the CEO of wellness brands Aurum+ and Aquamamma and the founder of 7 Trinity Biotech. 

Mr Bates’s business acumen has been celebrated in the pages of the Australian Financial Review’s annual list of successful young businesspeople – but lately he has come under heavy criticism from his own investors and customers. 

Mr Bates is reportedly being chased by a series of ‘high net worth’ investors who want their money back, his businesses’ websites have mysteriously disappeared and customers are in uproar on his social media pages. 

Mr Bates reportedly received a total of about $15million from at least 15 different Australian investors for Aurum+ since 2016. 

But the shares in his companies are either registered to Mr Bates himself, or to other businesses he controls, rather than those who have plunged their money into his enterprises, the Australian Financial Review reported.  

These investors are now demanding refunds that range from $50,000 to $2million.

Mr Bates is understood to have paid back three investors, but at least 15, of whom are scattered around Melbourne, Sydney, Byron Bay and Singapore, are furiously chasing the businessman and demanding to know where the money has gone.

Source of data and images: dailymail

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