Meet the married couple embarking on a 10-month trek in an ELECTRIC CAR

If range anxiety is putting you off the idea of owning an electric vehicle, pause for thought for one married couple planning to embark on a 17,000-mile trek in their battery-powered car starting next month.

Meet husband and wife adventurers, Chris and Julie Ramsey from Aberdeen.

The 10-month journey will be a monumental test of the car, and possibly their marriage. 

Based on the vehicle’s battery range, the husband and wife would – in theory – need to pull over to charge at least 54 times on their journey. But the truth is they’ll be stopping to charge far more often than that…

For many married couples, the thought of spending March through to January almost non-stop in a car with their spouse would be an agonising one. 

And if 10 months, 17,000 miles and 14 countries sat next to one another wasn’t enough to test their 22-year- relationship, the pair are embarking on the journey in an electric car with a limited battery range.

The adventure-readied vehicle the wedded pair will be using is set to transport them from the Arctic through North, Central and South America, before crossing to Antarctica.

This is the first time a vehicle of any type has attempted the ‘Pole-to-Pole’ challenge, with no combustion-engine car ever completing the same voyage.  

Source of data and images: dailymail

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