What initiative did Melhem Zein take in Lebanon, and will his colleagues follow suit?

Cairo: Hany Kamal El Din

The “Lebanese Eliza Charitable Association” announced the commencement of the operations of the project of installing light reflectors along the road from Tire to the capital, Beirut, with a total length of 120 km.
The association said that the Lebanese artist, Melhem Zein, financed the installation of these light reflectors, to protect drivers from any possible accidents, especially with the spread of fatal car accidents, caused by the medians on the highways, in which many young people were killed, including the late artist George Al-Rassi.

Zain refused to comment on the news, indicating that what he did was his duty towards his country, and he did not need any thanks for it. Zain called on all able-bodied artists and businessmen to contribute to the development of their country and stand by the people in light of the difficult circumstances.
At the beginning of this year, Zain won the title of “Goodwill Ambassador” from the United Nations Development Program in Lebanon. Zain was chosen for its charitable and humanitarian interaction with many issues within the framework of the Peacebuilding Project of the United Nations Development Program, in which 56 public middle schools from different parts of Lebanon participated in the “Violence-Free Schools” initiative since its launch in 2014.

The United Nations program aims to provide security and peace for the entire Lebanese people, ensure Lebanon’s internal stability and adopt effective governance, contribute to reducing poverty rates and promoting sustainable development in Lebanon, while ensuring that the country’s immediate needs are met in a manner that respects human rights and gender.

On the artistic level, Zain continues to achieve his artistic successes on more than one level, as he participates in the “Yalla A Mexico” festival during the period between the third and the sixth of next February, and sings there for the Arab communities residing, as he celebrates the Day of Love with two concerts, the first: the evening of February 10 In the UAE capital, Abu Dhabi, and his compatriot, the artist Wael Kfoury, and the second: the evening of February 11, in the Lebanese capital, Beirut, and his compatriot with the Syrian artist, Muhammad Al-Majzoub.

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